Trees Can Help You Enrich Your Life

by Keith Markensen

The addition of trees to your landscaping will bring so much life! Trees are essential for shade, cleansing the air, providing wildlife habitat, increase property value and make memories.

If your yard is devoid of trees at this time, then you may want to consider adding some. Research has shown that having trees and landscaping also increase the value of your property. Even if you are not thinking of selling your property, trees can add years of enjoyment. If you have existing trees in your yard, you need to check and make sure they are healthy. If they are old or show signs of deterioration, you may need to plant new trees that can become established once the old ones are removed.

When planting trees it is important to consider the location. Trees can help reduce your electric bill. If you plant a tree on the southwest side of your home, it will cool the house off in the summer, this helps reduce energy costs. Once the leaves begin falling, the winter sun can warm your home on a cold day. Ever green trees can be planted as a breaker, thus further reducing your energy bill.

How new tree help reduce your energy bill

Have you ever thought of ways to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming? You can plant trees to help. One gas that causes the most issues is carbon dioxide. Trees and plants take carbon dioxide out of the air and use it for photosynthesis. The carbon is then stored in the and living tree tissues. When leaves fall off the trees and get composted, carbon dioxide is added back to the soil. This improves soil quality for plants and more of the carbon is stored in the organic soil matter. Carbon can be stored in the wood of trees for a long period of time, in the tree trunks or in furniture, or other products of wood. When you plant new trees, you help to reduce levels of greenhouse gases.

Planting trees also gives food and shelter to a wide variety of animals. You can hang bird in your trees to entice birds to come into your yard. Flowering trees and shrubbery are where birds safe, build their nests and find food. Squirrels and other small animals also use trees for nesting purposes and as a food source. When choosing your trees, you may want to consider growing guide or some that will be a good food source for the local animals.

Trees can live for many years and provide enjoyment. Planting a tree and watching it grow will be a living testament to your families memories. You may want to plant a tree to honor a milestone in your families life. Raking leaves seems like a chore as we get older, but jumping and playing in the piles are great fun for children. You can hang a swing in a tree, build a tree house, or just sit under it and relax.

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