Save Money By Buying Second-hand Furniture

second hand doesn’t have to mean settling for lower quality or overly used goods. Have you ever considered the immense beauty and popularity of antiques? You can find great deals and really save a lot of money by buying second hand furniture, all without sacrificing your standards of quality. Keep reading for 4 hot tips on exactly how you can find the best second hand furniture deals that will save you big.

1. Hit the Classifieds.

Both online and offline, classifieds can be a gold mine for furniture finds. Try sites like Craigslist or Kijiji or your local newspaper to find sellers in your area.

When possible, ask the seller to send you a digital photo over email. That way you can get a look at the piece without trekking out to it. Of course, you should always examine a piece in person before you commit to buying it, but digital photos can save you time, allowing you to quickly do some initial screening to determine whether you have any interest at all.

When dealing with any classified sales, both online and offline, always play it safe. Don’t go to a stranger’s house without first telling a friend or even bringing someone with you. Also, never agree to meet someone with a large amount of cash or drop off money without first obtaining the item. We all hate the need to factor potential criminal activity into even our simplest activities, but it’s part of the reality we must live with, so shop wisely.

2. Be a Thrift Store Hunter.

Charity stores and thrift shops are full of used furniture, but it’s not all good – in fact, it’s often to the contrary. To spot the great deals and the true beauties, ask at the store when it is that they put out new furniture or what days they tend to get the most donations. You’ll discover most people donate old items on the weekend when they have free time, meaning those products will typically make it out to the floor by about Tuesday. Get there early in the day to snag the best items.

3. Estate Sales and Auctions.

Estate sales and auctions are a great place to pick up high quality furniture pieces for low prices. Typically done after an owner moves or passes away, estate sales allow buyers to pick up everything from full dining room sets to kitchen utensils.

When shopping an estate sale or auction, leave enough time during the viewing period to get a good idea of each item and how much you want to bid. Keep a list of the item numbers and your budget limits to help constrain your impulses during the actual bidding.

4. Be a Garage Sale Guru.

When it comes to used furniture, garage sales can be a real hit or miss, but they also provide a opportunity to negotiate directly with the seller. Look for “moving sales” listings in your local garage sale classifieds as these are more likely to have large furniture items for sale.

Regardless of the approach you take to purchasing second hand furniture, come prepared to quickly haul the furniture home – either with your own or a borrowed pickup truck, or via a vehicle.

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