Grow a Garden Without Soil Using Hydroponics

by Ashley King

Gardening without the use of soil is called hydroponics. Generally, hydroponic gardening involves the use of water as a growth medium. No doubt you can find a more scientific description of the process. However, the average gardener doesn’t actually require more knowledge than that.

Many people might wonder how hydroponic gardening is possible. It’s generally believed that plants need soil. It’s a source of water, energy, and nutrients. These are all required in order for the plant to thrive. But these elements are also available from other sources.

Water is an absolute essential for any plant. However, soil isn’t the only way to it. Many plants grow wild in rocks or sand, and even floating on a of water.

Plants also need energy in the form of sunlight and heat. But sun warmed earth isn’t the only source of energy. Sunlight works directly on leaves the same way it does for plants in the soil. The essential process of photosynthesis occurs when you leave the upper of a plant exposed to sunlight. Some plants flourish even with no light at all. They will, however, still need some energy to power their natural growth processes.

Many of the plants that appeal to the home gardener need some physical support. Planting them in soil is the most common and effective means of achieving that. This is why a plant’s spread out and its stems are resistant to the wind’s force. But other supporting mechanisms can achieve the same result. For example, string interwoven on a supporting frame or possible sticks attached to the top of a glass will work just fine.

Nutrients are another of the important elements for a healthy plant. These include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements. Normally, a plant will absorb these nutrients from the earth that surrounds it. However, they can also get these essential nutrients in other ways.

A common way of doing this is to keep the plant’s covered in a water-based liquid nutrient solution. There are systems that utilize a hydroponics grow tent to retain moisture. The are sprayed frequently with a nutrient solution that soaks them thoroughly. This is similar to another growing technique that doesn’t use soil, the practice of aeroponics.

Hydroponic gardening can produce beautiful, healthy plants. There are many varieties of plants that are able to flourish without soil, as long as they’re cared for properly.

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