6 Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Showerhead

by Steven M. Fisher


The finish or color of your showerhead match the tub filler and the faucet. The styles should have a similar look, but don’t necessarily have to match. You can now get showerheads that offer up to 25 different sprays from massage to drenching rain to fine mist.


All showerheads are not alike and there are numerous types available on the market. The wall-mounted showerhead is the most common with an overhead shower placed on the ceiling. Others mount on a vertical slide for versatility and allow for height differences. One of the best to bathe children, wash a pet or help those who need to shower sitting down is a handheld version. The ultimate is body mist shower has a series of jets on a single bar to gently wash the body, as well as, has adjustable force and spray patterns. Body spray showerheads are showerheads installed on opposite walls in a series of two or three.


Do you live where there is hard water? Then think about a showerhead that offers self-cleaning capabilities. Also if you live by salt water, ask about special protective for polished brass and chrome fixtures. You will be able to maintain the good looks without tarnish or discoloration or even pitting.

4: FLOW.

The Low-flow showerhead conserves water by restricting its flow through smaller openings. The federally mandated effort to save water has reduced the flow of showerheads to 2.5 gallons per minute or less. Some showerhead manufacturers offer flow restriction mechanisms that reduce flow even lower. While they save water at this lower level, the water temperature may be lower than desired.


Showerheads come in a wide range of prices, anywhere from $15 to $600 and more. As a general rule, you get what you pay for. The lower priced models will offer less features and a lesser warranty, if any. Changing to an overhead shower may mean expensive plumbing renovations. If you are replacing a wall mounted showerhead, you will probably want to another one.


If your shower is used by children or older adults, you need to consider antiscald protection. However, replacing an old mixer valve with an antiscald one can be an expensive plumbing expense. Instead, think about an anitscald fitting which installs between your new shower head and the shower arm.

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