A Word on Concrete polishing

by Rick Amorey

Hello! I am Rick Amorey, and today I am here to talk about the process of concrete polishing.

Let me just clarify before we begin: I am not a concrete polishing contractor. I only came across concrete polishing when I was once renovating my own home. i came across the concept, decided to try it, and have been absolutely stunned at the results.

Why am I so ecstatic at concrete polishing, you ask? Why is it more affordable, more practical than all the other types of floor out the market today? There are a bunch of reasons, and I will discuss each in detail.

The first thing that you would notice is that concrete, when polished, undergoes a Cinderella-like transformation from rags to riches. And don’t worry; the it won’t even end by midnight! All kidding aside, it just cannot be denied that polished looks very beautiful. As it also reflects light, having a polished concrete floor will mean that you don’t need too much artificial light your home.

There’s also its definite cost-efficiency. Unless you plan on doing the tooling yourself, you don’t actually purchase new materials. If you remove your carpet or tile, you will mostly find concrete underneath your house. So, the only thing you actually pay for is the service of the that will work the magic on your floor.

You would also notice the low upkeep needed for polished concrete. The concrete polishing process itself locks the concrete shut, keeping all the nasty dust and making the material tougher overall; you just need to learn how to sweep every once a while.

To close this article, I will note that concrete is indeed very durable. I do not think that needs to be disputed at all, and with the additional protection of the polishing process, your floor will keep for years to come.

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