5 Ideas for Your Custom Wall Murals

by Sam Smith

So you have finally decided to get your wall done with some custom murals from a muralist, and you want some fresh ideas of how to make your house stand out. So how should you decorate your house? There are so many things you can do?

First, you want to figure out how fancy you can get. That means, how many rooms can you afford to get painted. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re next step is to figure out which rooms you will decide to decorate. Will it be just your living room where you entertain guests, or perhaps you would like to have your bedroom done as well? The last thing to do is figure out what style do you want to use.

Your style reflects your personal taste, and is the most exciting part of the project! Now that you have your’ budget, and you have your choice of a couple of rooms, you get to decide where you want to place your murals, and what you want them to express. Here are some ideas to start you off:

1) Philosophical Message – Philosophical messages are often used in religious imagery, and can be very dramatic. Whatever religion you believe in, you can often famed stories to use to post on your walls.

2) Cultural themes – Cultural themes are also really great ideas. You probably have fond memories of specifc parts of a culture that meant alot to you as a child, and what better way to remember those memories than see it on the wall when you wake up?

3) Location Theming – Often times, there are specific countries that appeal to you, whether because of their historical background, certain places that contain memories for you, or they just have plain beautiful pictures. You can enhance the location theme by painting different rooms in your house with different country scenes, and styling them accordingly.

4) Your Favorite Pastimes – If you have a favorite pastime, the best way to impress your style on other people is by having it on the wall. Your walls are an expression of who you are, and custom murals of your pastimes are a great way of expressing yourself.

5) Outdoors Themes – If you especially appreciate natural scenery, then you may want to post a mural of it on the wall. You can start by researching imagery, or just browsing sites like Flickr for images you want on your mural, and have the muralist start from there. S/he can also help you in those efforts

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