Keep Your Barbeque Grill Clean So It Lasts

by Sara Derksen

One of the main reasons why BBQ grills tend to have a shorter lifespan than they should is that many people don’ know how to clean a BBQ grill after using it. many cases, we tend be lazy when it comes to cleaning the grill after a cookout in the backyard.

Instead of scrubbing off the cooked-on food remnants on the grill, many of us take one look at the mess and decide that we can always do it tomorrow. You might have the best of intentions, but not all of us do a good job of keeping such promises. So we end up just putting away or covering up the dirty BBQ grill, complete with charred food remnants and pooled grease.

And before you know it, your barbeque grill simply isn’ working. And the real downside to these circumstances is the ultimate effect on the taste of your next piece of meat if the grill remains dirty.

Since replacing a barbeque grill can be quite expensive, you really should learn to be more careful when it comes to upkeep on the grill that you already own. It’s actually not that difficult to clean the grill after each use. fact, it only takes a few minutes to scrub it, let it dry and then put it away.

Here are some easy steps that should help keep your grill working longer.

Food particles tend to cling to the grill while cooking. To remove this food debris from the grill, wait until the grill has completely cooled down and then brush it with a stiff wire brush. Clean the interior part of the grill thoroughly. Don’ use soap and water to clean the interior of the grill, since the residue will leach into your food.

To clean the grate, remove it from the barbeque grill before washing it with soap and warm water. Don’ use bleaching agents or harsh chemicals to remove any food substances that may be clinging to the grate.

To remove stubborn food particles, soak the grate for a few minutes and then methodically brush it to remove the food particles. Rinse thoroughly, then air dry the grate before putting it back inside the grill.

It’s a good idea to keep your barbeque grill covered or put away out of the elements so that it won’ start rusting.

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