Homeowner Solar & Wind Generators Needed Desperately!

by Rick McNew

Do you know how long a train car full of coal will power the average size electricity generating plant? The answer is a whopping minutes per coal car. A train coal car holds from 3,800 to 4,400 cubic feet of coal.

The U.S. has 6 electricity generating plants as of Jan. 2007. Electrical demand is at an all time high and climbing. The cost of electricity has climbed dramatically over the years.

The electrical industry powers more than 175 million computers and the electrical demands of over 0 million cell phones. Computers consume 13% of the total electricity consumed. Electrical consumption is expected to increase by 45% by 2030. Americans homes have become much larger over the years which have contributed to the increased demand.

Did you know that Solar panels & wind generators produce only 0.2% of the energy used by Americans? Have you ever thought of getting off the electrical grid for good, altogether or for the most part? All you need is knowledge of wind generating or solar panels.

There are people building their own systems for around 0 dollars. All that is required is the right knowledge and some extra time. The components are readily available in your area for much less than most people think.

The useful life of a wind generator is around 30 years. Studies have shown that the noise generated from a residential wind generator is about the same as a household refrigerator. Wind generators have a cut-in speed of around 7 .p.h. of wind. Some will require a little less wind to run.

Many states have rebate or tax programs as an incentive to move forward with alternative energy. Credits are also available from the federal government. If you live within 2 miles of an airport there will likely be a height restriction in place. Towers that are less than 0 feet tall do not require lights on them.

Solar panels that are built at home or purchased are often used in combination with a wind generator. Then you are covered for the days that there is not enough wind but plenty of sunshine is available to produce the much needed electricity. If the restrictions in your area forbid the use of a wind generator then you could use a solar panel by it self to cut the electric bill down. All you need to do is acquire the knowledge, set aside the time, and get with it saving money.

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