Using Landscaping Rock In Your Garden

by Kent Higgins

Landscaping rock can be used in your landscaping design to add some depth and texture. You can get different types of landscaping rock and they come in a variety of colors, sizes and types of stone. Obviously, when you want to obtain a different look, you use a different style, size and color of rock.

The use of landscaping rock has its best effect when you ensure that they are fully integrated into the design. Make sure that the placement of the rocks in facts adds to the design rather than looking as though you are trying to disguise something that is not attractive. Random placement of the rocks doesn’t work either – it will make the look unbalanced and messy. Instead, plan where each rock is to be placed – step back and make sure that it achieves the effect you are looking for.

Rather than just placing the rocks on the surface, take the time to “bury” them. This gives the appearance that they have been there forever and they are where they belong, rather than just dumped anywhere.

To what depth should the rocks be buried? This will depend on the and size of rock you have chosen. Obviously, the larger the rock, the deeper it should be; a good rule of thumb is around four to six inches.

There is scientific about burying the rock unlike choosing a wireless outdoor speaker. Just dig a hole that is approximately the size and shape of the rock to be buried, place the rock into it and push some of the dirt in around the rock to support it. Hey presto! You have a rock that looks like it has always been there! Add in a speaker system for a little contrast.

When you think about it, this is actually how boulders and rocks appear in their natural state. If you aren’t sure as to how to “bury” your rock, take a good hike and inspect those that Mother Nature has placed in her garden. Then take these ideas back into your own garden to assist you in achieving that natural look.

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