Avoiding Bathroom Damage Due to Water

by Pat Johnson

The bathroom is a significant plumbing hub in your home. Problems that occur may not be immediately recognizable, because the pipes and joints are mostly enclosed in the walls. Often damage has already taken place by the time the problem is finally discovered.

Better to identify and correct a problem when it first develops than to be oblivious and notice a leak after it has had a chance to do major damage. a habit checking the main fixtures regularly so that when something out of the ordinary occurs you will notice it and take action immediately.

First check the toilet tank and area. Water damage from a faulty toilet can be especially troublesome because not are you exposed to leaking clean water, but sewage water as well. This presents a health concern as the contaminated water can lead to serious if not contained and treated properly.

Be sure to act on anything you notice that suggests water is getting into areas it is not supposed to. A soft or spongy floor can be a good indication that you have a leak somewhere. Don’t ignore the problem as it won’t go away. The prudent thing to do is to find the source and fix it immediately.

Inspect the bathtub and shower. This area takes in a amount water so it needs to be in tip top shape. If water is getting out of the contained area then a disaster is just waiting to happen.

Check for cracked tiles and flaking grout. If water gets behind these tiles it can really do serious damage. Check the caulking around the tub and be assured that no moisture and get into any crevices.

Finish it off with a detail inspection your sink. Look under the counter where the plumbing is often hidden for signs of moisture or stains in the cabinet. Don’t let this area suffer from “out of site out of mind” neglect.

You will thank yourself later if you take the time to maintain this routine inspection. Repair bills from water damage in the bathroom can be extreme. You don’t want to wait until things are out hand when you could have prevented them to begin with.

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