Different Kinds of Motorcycle Helmets

by Frank Medley

those who have just purchased their first motorcycle, or who have only recently decided to wear a helmet, it can seem as if there are thousands of different kinds of motorcycle helmets. What should you get?

This is a guide to the different kinds of motorcycle helmets. What you should get is a personal decision, but factors that are likely to come up include price, safety concerns, and your personal style.

A more classic style of motorcycle helmet is the beanie, or puddin Hat. You may remember these from WWII movies. This of helmet is the least expensive, and offers some protection.

There are many drawbacks to this of motorcycle helmet. First off, there is only minimal protection offered, and only to the top of your head. It also leaves you open to weather and debris in your face, and leaves your ears uncovered.

those who like the beanie style, but want more protection in their of motorcycle helmet, the half helmet is a good option. It gives you a similar stylistic look, but it also gives protection to the sides of your head.

This of motorcycle helmet does have similar disadvantages to the beanie. It does not offer adequate noise protection, and also does not protect your face while you’re riding, or in the case of a fall or crash.

If you’re most interested in safety, your of motorcycle helmet is definitely a full face helmet. This will protect your entire head, face, and chin, as well as covering your ears. It also keeps weather and other objects out of your face.

There are some drawbacks to this model of helmet. Covered ears can make it difficult you to hear. You must also completely remove your helmet if you would like to take a picture, drink or eat.

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