A Guide to Creating an Indoor Greenhouse

by Shelley Lindt

Do you long to grow hothouse plants but don’t have a back yard? Maybe you should think about getting an indoor greenhouse. If your is an apartment, the benefits of an indoor greenhouse are quite apparent. But even gardeners with yards can find uses for an indoor greenhouse.

A real is the lower expense involved. Even a simple lean-to greenhouse shed is more costly to build than a small indoor unit. It’s not that to build a greenhouse in your own with supplies that are readily available at any home improvement outlet.

Or maybe you want an indoor greenhouse, but aren’t interested in building one scratch. Well, you’re in luck, because you can buy an indoor greenhouse kit. You can get these in various styles and brand names. You can get them at a department store, a garden center, or an online retailer.

You can buy indoor greenhouse kits in many different varieties, a small countertop herb garden to a larger unit that might consume a good portion of your basement.

If you don’t find this idea suitable, you can build your own greenhouse on the cheap. Begin by building a freestanding set of shelves, about 4 shelves in total. You will need to attach it securely to the floor.

Next, there needs to be a way to retain the moisture and heat that you have provided. This can be accomplished by using sheets of plastic or an old shower curtain to cover the shelves, and sealing them with duct tape. You can provide heat by purchasing heating pads and placing them at the bottom of the greenhouse. Make sure you buy a thermometer so you can measure the temperature regularly.

Place a cup of water in your greenhouse to provide the humidity your plants need. The plants will require light, and you can provide this with a simple fluorescent light. But you should really consider purchasing a specially designed grow light that will help your plants thrive. A basic unit is relatively inexpensive.

Next you need some soil-filled containers to set your plants in. Set them on the shelving unit and give them a drink of water. Now back and admire your do-it-yourself greenhouse that does the job just as well as a kit.

These are general guidelines, and you can add to them with your own ideas and preferences. You will most certainly end up with an indoor greenhouse that’s perfect for you, whether you buy or build.

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