Using a Bathroom Vanity to Give Your Bathroom Some Personality

by Giovanni Zidan

When you start to design a custom bathroom it can be a very time consuming job especially when you’re setting out to the bathroom of your dreams. It should go quite a bit faster if you follow the theme of the bathroom vanity you pick out. The ornamental mirror you choose is a large part of the personalized elements of your overall theme. It’s also something that all of your guests will notice. You can always make your restroomroom stand out a lot by finding accents that help to influence your bathrooms overall theme.

A vanity is truly essential to a bathroom because guests see it when they enter and leave the bathroom. Most people will use the faucet and before leaving the bathroom and with the mirror right there in front of them it gives them a point of focus. The whole mirror/vanity thing works together because one thing to the next.

Therefore, since you now that the bathroom vanity is the best memory your guests will have from the time they spend in your home, you will want to make sure that it is something spectacular and ties together the theme in your bathroom. Even though this may seem like a hard task, picking out the perfect bathroom mirror to match with a theme is not as hard as it may seem.

For instance you might choose to go with a typical wooden framed bathroom vanity that matches up with everything else in your bathroom. To make it even more special, you might choose a mirror that has detail within the woodwork so that there is more of a spark to your mirror than just the glass. Actually, you can even get gold or silver etching on the glass to match your fixtures so that the mirror brings out the already present flare in the bathroom.

If you are craving those bold colors the ever popular under water design would definitely fit into your bathroom. There are brightly colored shower curtains and even vinyl wall or tub decorations of bright fish and other sea creatures. You could also add a silver framed mirror. If you’re really drawn into customizing your new bathroom design, then you can even order a neat and interesting fish shaped mirror that will show just exactly how committed you are to the underwater theme. If you are using such drastic pieces to make the vanity stand out from everything else it will come as a surprise when your guests come into your new bathroom for the very first time.

Of course, if you have a more pristine antique looking bathroom, with delicate plumbing, you might choose instead to purchase a bathroom vanity that has black cast iron piping. Cast iron creates a definite presence to the room and fits perfectly into antique settings.

When you design your new bathroom you can also look for new ideas online or even go into your local do-it-yourself store for different ideas on using color for your new bathroom. When you are looking for the style and feel you are trying to achieve you should be able to easily choose your new bathroom vanity and new custom mirror rather easily. Always remember that your new bathroom design will stay with your guests even when they leave.

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