Why Bamboo Floor Coverings are best in Australia

Why Bamboo Floor Coverings are best in Australia
by Buck Toobifor

If you’re wondering about buying bamboo flooring, you should consider carefully. After all, your floor is with you all day, every day.

This means that your floor choices are important. Bamboo is an excellent pick because its unique, attractive appearance and smooth feel can’t be matched by any other type of material.

Installing bamboo floors in your home will give every room a beautiful glow that even hardwood flooring can’t stand up to. People with bamboo floors say that this material makes them happy with their home.

Bamboo will allow you to enjoy a warm, pleasant walking experience, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s good for the environment, too. This is a fast growing material that uses up fewer resources and is much more sustainable than hardwood.

Your bamboo floor will be incredibly beautiful and made and installed to exacting standards. However, you should look for more than just a quality floor.

You’ll also need to look for dealers and manufacturers who know about the needs of flooring in your area. Bamboo flooring in Australia is subject to different conditions to that same flooring in other parts of the world.

That means that bamboo flooring in Australia has to be made so it resists cracking, splitting, cupping, cracking, warping, and similar defects without losing it attractiveness and durability. Fortunately, there really are manufacturers out there who are able to offer this level of quality and who really know what you want out of your floors.

Don’t be taken in by cheap bamboo flooring, though. This flooring has been produced to meet demand, and may not have been produced sustainably or to high quality standards.

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Inexpensive bamboo flooring from some of the lower quality manufacturers in China has been hitting markets recently. It can be created from bamboo that’s been reprocessed and use inexpensive, toxic glues that emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) inside your home.

Even if those things don’t worry you, this isn’t the bamboo flooring for Australia. The standards these floors have been made to aren’t up to the unique environmental conditions of this country, and may warp or even split down the entire length of the plank.

Cheaper floors might sell more, but taking short cuts in manufacturing bamboo flooring just isn’t worth it. While these short cuts might not show up on the first inspection, they cause problems later on.

There’ve been a number of reports of cheap floors being easily damaged by shoes, warping, splitting, and sometimes coming apart entirely. Dealers may also try to reduce the cost of a floor by hiring cheaper installers, which can cause issues as well.

To avoid these problems, make the investment in high quality bamboo flooring. You’ll be glad you did when you realize that your beautiful floor is going to last out the years with no decrease in quality.

Good flooring manufacturers will use only good quality compressed bamboo, and will hire only experienced installation personnel who have experience with this unique material. Later on, you’ll be glad you chose someone with high standards.

If you’re thinking about getting bamboo flooring in Australia, be sure to check out your dealer. While you might pay a little more now, it’s worth it in the end.

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