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by Michalos Stuartos

The new Sony Bravia Range of LCD televisions is here, bringing high definition (HD) movies and games to a whole new level. As well as the capability to handle the latest Blu-Ray technology, Sony Bravia LCD television screens are at the top of the game.

If you are like many standard definition TV owners and you are yet to consider making the upgrade from standard definition television to HD television sets, Sony believes the new BRAVIA range of LCD televisions will help make the transition a great deal easier and boost the uptake of digital TV in the UK.

The exclusive blend of advanced technology and leading design of both the BRAVIA range of LCD televisions and slim speaker systems, mean that you can now watch crystal-clear images with atmospheric sound without compromising on the look and feel of their home.

The feature-packed V,W,X & Z series BRAVIA ranges of LCD televisions, create some of, if not the finest HD images on the market. Delivering increadible HD audio and stunning imagery, designed to fit into your new digital world.

Bravia Z Range of LCD Televisions

KDL40Z4500, KDL46Z4500 and the KDL52Z4500 all benefit from the new Bravia Engine 2 technology. A new version of the original award winning BE technology, focuss on delivering real time on screen movement, better black levels and a reduction in picture noise.

All of the Sony Z4500 series are full 1080p high definition and feature high dynamic contrast ratios of 80,000:1. Features include a light sensor, Live Colour Creation, 24p, USB Photo Viewer and Picture Mode. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which enables you to network with further Sony enabled DLNA devices.

This series of LCD Televisions is also the first generation of 200hz Motionflow technology, this means instead of the 100hz creating an extra middle of picture to aid the fluidness of picture flow, it creates 3 frames. This new feature will be the new standard or benchmark for Sony and at the moment leaving other manufacturers behind.

The Sony X range of LCD Televisions

The Bravia X range of LCD TVsare a modern contemporary design with unmatched picture quality.

Availablein sizes 46 ” and 55″ The top-of-range X4500 LCD televisions offer “PRO” versions of Sony’s BRAVIA ENGINE 2 image processing and Motionflow 100Hz technology, full 1080p HD picture processing and 4 HDMI sockets.

The new range model numbers are KDL46X4500 and KDL55X4500Bravia W Range of LCD televisions


The W range of LCD TVs are also awesome performing screens, delivering pixel perfect images from all of your high definition sources.

The W range of LCD TVs are produced in 4 different sizes, 32, 40, 46 and 52. The design of the chassiss are very modern looking and will look fantastic in any home environment.

Sharing a lot of the same picture innovations as its V range siblings, the BRAVIA W Series LCD television is packed with latest Sony technology for the best-looking Full high definition pictures youve ever seen.

KDL52W4500, KDL52W4000, KDL46W4500, KDL46W400, KDL40W4500, KDL40W4000, KDL32W4000.

Bravia W series also gain from the Bravia Engine 2 software. The new Advanced Contrast Enhancer feature helps to create more defined images. The W4500 LCD televisions have 100HZ adding an extra middle image to get better more fluid on-screen movement.

24P True Cinema picture, 24p was used in the non-linear editing of film-originated material. Today, 24p formats are being increasingly used for aesthetic reasons in image acquisition, delivering film-like motion characteristics.

W4500 LCD TVsare also DNLA enabled, new technology that allows you to sync other DNLA enabled items to your LCD Television screen for use with video and audio streaming. The W series televisions have a digital media player built in and will detect other wirelessly broadcast media.

The Sony V Bravia Series LCD Televisions

All of the LCD Television sets are (up to 1080p) HD and have built in freeview tuners. They have the original award winning Bravia Engine software and generate clear and crisp images when using high definition media. Currently the V range offer six sizes:- 26 inch, 32 inch, 37 inch, 40 inch, 46 inch and inch.

The Range: KDL52V4000, KDL46V4000, KDL40V4000, KDL37V4000, KDL32V4000 & KDL26V4000

Bravia Sync is also a feature on the V range of LCD TVs, which offers the use of one remote control if linked to other Sony units via a HDMI cable.

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