Tips for Choosing a Stained Glass Lamp to Match Your Room

by Kim Allarie

There are lots of people who think a stained glass lamp is an attractive interior design feature. But they might not be certain how they can add this design element to a room without completely changing the decor.

Not that long ago, lighting fixtures such as Tiffany glass lamps were rather pretentious and formal. As well, they were quite costly. So most households only featured them in the rooms where visitors would see them, such as the parlor or sitting room.

In modern society, however, you can get stained glass lamps in any number of designs, including informal styles. Therefore, it won’t be too hard to get one that fits the decor you currently have. You can get stained glass lamps in a large assortment of designs. Also, most produce lamps with signature patterns.

Color is an important consideration if you plan on purchasing a Tiffany style lamp that suits your decor. The lamp’s colors suit the appearance of the area. However, they don’t have to be a perfect match. Just as long as it fits the overall look, it can be highly effective to utilize a strong contrasting feature.

types of stained glass lamps use just a few colors to create an attractive design. Other lamps, however, use a rainbow of different colors to create an artistic impression. Frequently they portray some truly attractive aspect of nature.

If you feature a lot of basic colors or earth tones throughout your you might prefer a stained glass lamp that uses just a few different colors. So you’ll find it easier to blend in with the look that you already have. Matching up colors won’t be a worry. Rather, you can choose a style that has just one bold color in it to make it a focal point of the room.

However, if you have a eclectic decor, you might prefer a lamp that incorporates lots of colors in its design. These styles can be stunning in an area that features a variety of colors and shades. You won’t have to worry about matching your decor to a particular color in the lamp because anything goes in this situation.

Another thing to keep in mind is the complexity of design in the room where you are placing the lamp. If it has a simple theme, then a lamp pattern that is also simple and subtle will be appropriate. Stained glass patterns that are more detailed and feature lots of different colors are better suited to rooms that have lots of other points of interest. This way the stained glass lamp won’t look out of place.

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