How to Pick a Good Roofing Contractor

by Craig K. Albrecht

Whether it was a choice to re-shingle and update your home or a hail-based mandate from above, you want to hire a . It really should go without saying, but all too often homeowners will hire the first Tom, Dick, or Harry to show up on their doorstep. Unfortunately, this leads to unhappy circumstances and poor workmanship. Instead of hiring without knowing, ask questions in these four areas to determine if this is for you:

Customer Service – If you don’t get this from the get go then they are not the right contractor for you. Expect to be treated as an equal. Expect returned phone calls. Expect the best.

Free Estimates – Contractors generate their by giving fair and competitive quotes. If they give unreasonable quotes they will not get business. By the same token, they should then be willing to give you an on-site quote for free.

Landscaping – To some people, the yard, trees and plantings are the reason they wake up in the morning. Make sure your contractor will only take the time to work on the roof and not the flower beds. If you have shingles and ladders destroying your shrubs then it is time for the contractor to leave.

Insurance – When your adjuster comes to your house he is the middle man between you and the company, with the goal of saving the company money. Do not let him skimp. The best way to insure you will get the money you need to repair you home is to have your contractor there, working with the adjuster to point out the necessary repairs. The interaction needs to be positive to insure a good outcome.

For a good roof repair experience, do your research before you hire. Deal with local companies that you know will be there in the future if you have any problems or follow-up needs. Local companies know that their business next year comes from doing well by their customers this year. They know that you are the reason they are in business and you need to come first.

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