Build a Tiki Bar

Build a Tiki Bar
by Rob lyle

A sun and sand vacation can be had every day if you build a tiki bar in your back yard. Having a Tiki Bar in your home is a great way to bring summer back, even in the middle of winter.

Prepare to spend a hefty sum of money if you buy a tiki bar kit. You will save piles of money by opting to build a tiki bar yourself, with your mates around to help of course. Tell them no help, no tiki bar parties in summer.

By searching the net you can find many tiki bar plans for sale. You must make the decision as to whether the tiki bar is for just one party or built to last a long time and bring much pleasure.

What is most economical and pleasing to your mates is to opt for a permanent tiki bar and to build one accordingly you will need quality tiki bar plans that are precise in instructions and dimensions for a porfessional finish.

For a short term tiki bar you will need a strong table for the base, around the base of the table tack on straw, split bamboo or wooden slats, bamboo looks the best, but if it is not available then improvise with the others.

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Next of all nailgun and attach straw, wood slats or bamboo around the tables outside, Bamboo looks the most authentic but the other alternatives are good as well but do not quite have the same tiki bar feel.

First base your tiki bar roof with plywood and then you can thatch some straw over it or even palm fronds if these can be found. It is most practical to construct the tiki bar roof on the ground and then nail it up to the top.

Now you know how to build a tiki bar the time has come to decorate it. Be inventive buy bags of laquered shells from dollar shops and glue them all around the bar. Hang a couple of those scary tiki masks on the frame.

Sand glued to the bar gives you the beach appeal plus supplies a grip to the surface for sloshing beers and tropical cocktails. Buy cheap plastic flower necklaces for guests and when the hot sun sinks plug in some led fairylights for ambience.

When you have your first tiki bar party make sure you have a good supply of mixers and tropical drinks. For those who do not want alcohol supply a nice non alchoholic tropical punch and fizzy drinks for the kids.

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