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[Skips, skips, skips….no not the delicious prawn cocktail flavoured melt in your mouth skips, but the open top container to put your rubbish in, kinda skips.]
[I wish I could eat them and they tasted nice….because you see, I have 3 of these skips. Not just your Average Joe , but one of those huge builders skips sitting at three of my properties creating an eyesore.]
[ After many letters and calls, the skip company who were supposed to be decent, have failed to pick up the skips. This has been the case for nearly 3 months now, I feel sick. I feel like I should just cry because I am losing the will to live.]
[My job is to take money off students for box rooms in one of my many houses. I love ripping them little pieces of scum off!] [For easy skip hire Park-Lane , call freephone 0844 884 6667.]
[The skips were part of the renovation plan I had, as some nosey so-and-so had decided to tell the council on me, and now I have to get the house up to standard, or legally could not rent it. ]
[I stupidly chose price over quality of service and found the cheapest supplier of skips I could find. I will sell those skips soon though on ebay if they aren’t picked up, I am sure someone out there will have some use for 3 skips. I might try and take ownership of them and then sell them back to the cowboys that failed to pick them up.]
[I have put on enormous amounts of weight, the only thing I can think of for this reason, is I have been comfort eating. And everytime I look at the skips on my driveway, the yellowness of them makes me dive in my cupboard for a pack of delicious skips. I think i may sue them or at least send them my gym membership bill!]
[this has been a wakeup call for me. I will in future choose quality over price. I may have sacved money initially from finding the cheapest supplier, but it has ended up costing me more money and my sanity. ]

[I will never look at skips in the same way again. The type of crisp or the big collectors. All thanks to a rubbish service.]

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