Grandfather Clocks a Part of Growing Up

Grandfather Clocks a Part of Growing Up
by Johnathan Livingston

I can still remember going to visit my grandparents on Sunday afternoon after church service.Their house was spacious and full of stately and elegant furniture. I remember the Grandfather Clock located in the center of the family room. It dominated the room towering above all the other furniture.

We used to sit in the family room and discuss world affairs, political events an all of the key issues of the day especially those that impacted our daily lives. It was very pleasant to be in the family room and listen to the melodic chimes flowing through the house.

I remember how great it was to celebrate holidays, special occasions and family events at my grandparents home. I still fondly recall how the rich chimes filled the house on those special occasions.

I recently visited an antique shop that carried many different types of Clocks. I immediately recalled my grandparents grandfather clock and decided that I should get one for my family. There are currently many models available. There are inexpensive key wound models that quite affordable.

Grandfather Clocks typically have an Oak or Cherry finish. They also chime on the hour and the half hour.

My Grandparents Grandfather Clock was handed down to my parents as a family heirloom. I plan to purchase one that I can pass down to my family. I hope that I will be able to create the same memories with my family, that I had with my grandparents.

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