Having A Garden Fountains and Ponds In Your Yard

by Keith Markensen

While garden ponds and fountains used to be only for the very wealthy, today anyone who wants to have one in their yard can do so. All it requires is a little money, some ingenuity, and a plan. Fountains and waterfalls can be a wonderful addition to any landscape, even if it’s only on a balcony or patio.

Simple solutions are shallow dishes that can be set out as birdbaths, perhaps decorated or displayed in such a way as to make them look to be more than they are. A simple pie pan can become a water-carrying work of art that attracts a myriad of birds if displayed properly.

A birdbath that is on the ground will attract much more than birds, which may be more to your liking. Cats, squirrels, even raccoons can show up if you have it set out in this way. If you prefer just birds, you can hang the bath up, suspended from something or put it on a tall pedestal to keep ground creatures off. This can attract birds even if you are a cat owner as it gives them a sanctuary away from the felines.

If you want to try growing some water plants, try a deeper container that is more firmly rooted and has an easy way to drain and refill without having to do any major moving or carrying. This only allows the plants to be mostly undisturbed, but also makes it easier for you to do these maintenance tasks, ensuring they’ll get done and not procrastinated.

Try several types of pool and pond landscaping plants and see how well they do. only is it more lively and colorful, but the very small plants that aren’t suited to the environment you’ve created will quickly die off so you’ll know which ones are hardier and made for what you’re doing. Spread stones or heavy gravel on the soil before introducing the plants and water. This will keep the water from washing away the soil underneath.

If you live in a colder climate, make sure you know what you’re going to do with that tub garden in the winter time. While moving it indoors is the obvious solution, be sure you know how you’ll do so and how you’ll get the plants the sunlight they need while they’re indoors. A large window, grow light, or other means can solve this problem.

Have fun with whatever your creation is and be sure you enjoy it every chance you get!

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