Magic with Polished Concrete

by Rick Amorey

Thinking I was sort of concrete polishing expert, one of my friends invited me to his place a couple of weeks ago. He wanted me to check out his concrete floor if it’s fit to be polished. The floor was extremely ugly, however, and I had serious doubts. Nevertheless, I got a contractor to check it out, and he said that the floor still had a chance to be special.

Last week, I got the chance to go back to my friend’s place, upon the urging of the contractor. He seemed to really like what he had done, so I decided it was worth a look. What I saw was so worthwhile, it made me an even bigger fan of concrete polishing, if that was even possible.

Before the renovation, there were various cracks brought about by the genius who decided to nail a carpet to the concrete flooring. The contractor, however, said that it was easy to fix. Unfortunately, the fix will remain visible. Instead, he thought, why not use the cracks as guidelines for a new design?

They decided to prepare the surface first using coarse grinding. Now, I have a limited understanding of how concrete polishing works, but I think I can explain. Basically, concrete polishing involves a batch of diamond tooling. The first few passages are meant for coarse grinding, and here they use grits of diamonds. They do this to add design to the concrete.

He used the crack lines as a guide to make a sectioned floor. Each had a different hue, which he applied before going to the high grits for the polishing finish. He said that this was necessary so that he could close the concrete, locking the colors in.

The result was an astonishing concrete floor. Unlike my own concrete floor, which sported a coffee tint all throughout, this project left a pleasing variety of eye-relaxing hues. And, needless to say, my friend was very happy with how his floor turned out, despite the earlier setbacks.

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