Things To Know About Garden Mulch

by Thomas Fryd

If you want to make a good impression on your friends and neighbors, then your lawn and garden may need some attention. The right landscaping materials and plants can enhance and beautify your home and increase its overall appeal.

You can turn your simple barren, bland yard into a work of art at a relatively affordable price, by doing it yourself.

Recently, in the past few years there have been many companies that have introduced a wide variety of bagged rocks and mulches. The newest line from Vigoro offers the landscaping artist 26 of products. They vary in size, color and shapes, so your possibilities are limitless.

Beautiful and decorative and mulch are a great way to improve your yard. Try using mulch to accent your garden, flower beds, driveway and walkway. Mulch also provides added benefits, other than being attractive they improve your soil and plants. Mulch is good at controlling and slowing erosion, maintaining proper moisture levels, and it controls weed population and soil insulation.

Here are just a few helpful tips when choosing and adding mulch to your yard or landscape:

1.) Choose a mulch that lasts a long time and is heavy, this prevents it from being easily washed away from heavy rains.

2.) Choose a mulch with looser structure to allow better soil aeration

3.) Make sure to apply mulch at the proper time, during late spring it will help preserve water and reduce temperature

4.) When applying mulch make sure it is 1-2 inches deep. A finer, more fluffy mulch should be applied 3-4 inches deep.

5.) Ensure mulch is applied evenly by raking through it with your hands

6.) Water the mulch after applying

7.) Make sure to move mulch a few inches away from plants and tree bottoms

To prevent grass growth and keep your plants in a healthy state, there is a mulch made by Vigoro called “Mulch with Weed Stop”. This mulch is the first ever to contain a pre-emergent herbicidal agent. It controls weeds for up to 4 months, while allowing your annuals and spring bulbs, shrubbery and trees to continue growing and thriving for an ever-beautiful landscaping or garden. It is the mulch that contains natural forest products and is certified by the Mulch and Soil Council.

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