Exterior Design Projects Include Necessary Maintenance

by Chad Dethelo

When considering exterior improvements, there are many basic areas that deserve a great deal of attention. There are the major maintenance and repair jobs that need to be done regularly; then there are the more aesthetic, decorative projects that are often more fun and creative.

Exterior projects that require timely maintenance windowsill, gutter and downspout cleaning. While you are cleaning your windowsills and drapery, it is very important to inspect the seals for any leaks. If air is able to either come in or out of your house you are wasting valuable and expensive energy, both in the summer and winter. Water leaking into the house is will damage both your interior and exterior.

Water sitting or draining poorly off of your windowsills can cause immeasurable damage for the windows, not to mention the entire house. If there is water leaking behind the window seal and behind the fascia of the house, you can eventually have very large problems with how structurally sound your house is. Keeping the paint and caulk around your house’s windows fresh will keep many of these problems at bay.

Cleaning the roofs, gutters, eaves and downspouts of a house are another very important part of exterior home maintenance. There are all kinds of available systems to keep the gutters covered, cleaned and free from the larger debris. Downspouts must also be maintained to ensure the rain that falls onto your house runs away from the property. Standing water can be very hazardous to the health of a home’s foundation.

Landscaping is also a very important component to the structural condition as well as the beauty of your home. Again, many yards may need retaining walls and drains in certain places in their yards to wash the water away and keep the home firmly on its foundation. Healthy grass and tree root systems are beneficial to the integrity of the grounds surrounding the home as well. If you have trees that need pruning so they do not fall over or shed branches on to, or worse, in to your home, make you take care of this as as possible.

There are many more aspects to landscaping, with many of components adding to what is typically referred to as curb appeal, or what looks good to passers by from the curb. These projects can be more fun and are less necessary, unless you let it go so far the neighbors begin to complain. Landscape architecture has sprung up as a very big business, and many companies specialize in yard maintenance. There are several options, from bushes and flowers, to extensive walkways and fountains. The main focus should be the elements that make you want to be outside, enjoying your yard.

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