Design Possibilities for Concrete Floors

by Mikkan Drane

When someone says concrete floor, the first picture that you see in your head is a dull grey, bare slab. Well, that picture is no longer the trend. Having a concrete polishing option to adopt on the concrete floor gives off a variety of designs that replaces the dull grey with a mix of different colors that you wish.

Sunrooms, and many other indoor rooms that usually require wood, tile, slate, granite, or marble flooring won’t need it anymore. Because you can easily imitate that kind of flooring through concrete stamping or stenciling. Stamping or stenciling are among the cost effective decorative finishes that you can choose when restyling your concrete floor.

Putting texture on the concrete floor is yet another option that you can adopt for your concrete restyling wants. From a range of rough gravel finish to smooth polished concrete, you can style your floor depending on what you desire for it. Coloring is also possible for textured floor. You can color it anyway you want it to be, complimenting the color of its surrounding.

Staining or coloring cast on concrete polished or textured floors are among the means to decorate concrete floors. With the endless design and possibilities incorporated with coloring schemes, you are sure to have the most unique design of them all. Do it yourself solutions and decorations will surely give you enough freedom to express yourself on the concrete floor if you wish to.

Another way to consider for your concrete floor design is geometric stamping. Stamping patterns of geometric figures then adding the color of your choice gives you yet another set of beautiful and cost effective floor design possibility.

By combining the different design possibilities mentioned in here, you can actually come up with your own set of concrete design that would suit your liking. If you think you cant do this yourself, it is quite easy to find a contractor to do it for you. make sure you get to explain and elaborate what you want done on your concrete floor to the design of your choice.

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