A New Home Addition May Be Just What You Need

by Gordon T. Mayer

Is the coziness gone from your nest, leaving things tight, irritable, and unpleasant? Consider adding on. You are probably thinking, “Not the laborious process of days gone by with excessive spending and multiple rooms that in the end have little use.” Fear not. There is a economical, practical, and efficient way to make more room for your home: the three season porch.

With current trends in the housing as unfavorable as they are, most people are reserving their cash flow and making due with unpleasant conditions. A 3 season porch is a sensible way to add square footage without compromising your bottom line. In fact, you can have a porch built and over time convert it into a sunroom, further stretching the possibilities.

Why else build a 3 season porch?

* Increases your living space

* Insect free

* Raises your property value

Once you make the commitment to build a 3 season porch, look for a builder that will answer the questions below:

* How is the porch going to integrate with the house?

* How can the inside space be maximized without sacrificing the outdoor space?

* What needs to be done now to ensure a successful to a future sunroom?

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