Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Leaf Blower

by Thomas Fryd

are several options you should consider before a leaf blower. The most common type is a backpack blower, which is used by many professionals. This particular type gets its power from a 2-stroke gas engine. The harness, is worn on your back and the blower fits into it. The fan and engine are on the backpack as well, and a hand held hose directs the airflow in the direction you choose. This type of blower is very powerful and easy-to-operate. It has a more efficient fuel tank and air filter which means a longer duty cycle capability.

A backpack blower with a higher than 40cc capacity engine, is best with a power to of 400 cfm (cubic feet per minute) and a volume of 190 mph. These blowers are ideal if you live in a relatively quiet neighborhood, because they are designed to control the volume of noise. Harnesses and comfort will vary from model to model.

A performance backpack blower will have a blowing capacity of more than 450 cfm and volume of 195 mph. They are aptly named for their performance. This type of model is quite a bit nosier than other models, but they are faster, more fuel effective and have a faster throttle time. Many professionals prefer this type of model, which also has additional accessories available.

The larger, heavier and more cumbersome backpack blower is called a Big-bore backpack. Their engines start at 50cc and get larger. They are quicker and capable of cutting cleaning times by half. Many lawn care guides and tips mention that these blowers are much more powerful and used for a larger area and can handle a job like wet leaves with relative ease. These models are better suited for commercial lawn care purposes.

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