Bathroom Vanity mirrors with a personal touch

by Jamie J. Zidan

Most people work on other rooms in their house when the most important room in the entire house is the bathroom. All bathroom fixtures are usually a standard white which you can do much to add color to those fixtures. There are accessories that can be changed though such as treatments (blinds, roman shades, or curtains), shower curtain, bathroom vanity, mirror, and add some color through some bath towels.

When you think of a bathroom vanity, you would figure it would make that much of a difference but it does. Before you foot into your bathroom, you can see the toilet and the tub but when you step into the bathroom you pay attention to the mirror above the vanity. The mirror is placed at eyelevel so that your guest can admire their appearance while cleansing their hands.

A bathroom vanity mirror can be called the basic building block of a bathroom theme. It can be trimmed with any color which makes feature very flexible in any bathroom theme. The influence of the mirror will be noticed by all the guests and also will affect the bathroom’s theme. If you feel that you have choose the wrong mirror, your bathroom will be balanced and it will feel like you just threw all the pieces in place without a purpose.

To make sure that everything coordinates well you need to match the trim on the bathroom vanity, the frame of the mirror and any type of artwork that is displayed on the bathroom walls. When looking for a warm atmosphere in your bathroom, add a wood framed mirror and some warm tone such as a dark green or an amber red. These colors can be used in the blinds or roman shades that are hung in the windows. The bath towels can also have a splash of the color scheme on them. A towel rack can be added to either side of the vanity mirror or you can add an elegant touch of candle light in matching candle holders.

A sleek bathroom that has a stainless steel toilet can be enhanced with an elegant accent of black or sliver which is found on your bathroom vanity. There can also be glass etching done on the mirror with silver to add depth to the bathroom’s theme.

To enhance the warmth in the bathroom, you can some wooden towel racks that are the same shade of as the bathroom vanity. The towel rack needs to be placed on the left or right side of the mirror. You need to look at how much room you have on your bathroom wall for the towel rack before choosing a size. The various hues of red or green look amazing with any type of wood. By placing a potpourri holder on the opposite side of the mirror can add a pleasant scent throughout the bathroom.

When you are designing your bathroom you need to look at how much room is available and the appropriate size of bathroom vanity you need. You also don’t want it too crowded so use accessories sparingly. The whole idea about theme is just to bring out the wood around the mirror but also on the vanity.

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