It is as Important to Conserve Water as it is to Conserve Energy

by Tal Potishman

It is incredibly popular in today’s culture to save energy and reduce a person’s carbon footprint. Residents of the United Kingdom are trying to out “green” each other in an effort to show that are saving more power than their friends and colleagues. Energy saving ideas are traded the way recipes, money saving ideas and home improvement tips were once traded.

So much focus is placed upon living the greenest life possible that most are surprised to that the waste levels for water are at an all time high. It appears that even the most energy efficient and carbon conscious United Kingdom citizens have yet to understand that saving water is just as important as saving power.

Did you know that the fresh water resources in the United Kingdom will most likely run out within the next thirty to forty years? That seems highly unlikely because of much rain the United Kingdom receives every year but are experts who insist that the fresh water resources are not as vast as originally thought. It is now a fact that both Syria and the Sudan have more fresh water available than the United Kingdom, and these are parts of the world that are known for their arid climates and droughts!

The rate at which water is being wasted is surprising because it is easier to save water than it is to waste it. It is very easy to turn of water faucets and spigots when are not being used. When it comes time to brush your teeth, simply fill your water cup and use the water from the sink to rinse your toothbrush. Don’t let the water run throughout the entire routine. Your dishwasher most likely has a water saving function built into it.

Take shorter showers! The amount of water that even a five minute shower uses will boggle the mind. Only run full loads when you wash your clothes or use the dishwasher. Rinse vegetables in a pan of water instead of under a running faucet. Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of letting the water run to get cold before you fill up your glass. Only water the yard when it needs it. Don’t let sprinklers run all afternoon.

It is incredibly easy to conserve the amount of water a person goes through in a single day. Remember, water is the most important substance on the planet and freshwater is a precious resource that should be protected. It is not something that anyone should take for granted. This is why it is just as important to do conserve water as it is to conserve energy! Saving water is easy. Everyone should be able to cut back.

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