The right bathroom vanity for you

by Leon A. Zidan

When you begin looking at different styles and set ups for a new bathroom vanity you need to make the right decision. There may be a good chance that when you left the original bathroom mirror in place when you moved into the home. It didn’t matter if the mirror was the wrong size. While looking at any type of renovation project for your bathroom make sure you add some personality. But you also need to understand how to choose the right mirror.

choice you make when looking for a bathroom vanity can show your and exact style you are going for. A decorative mirror is not the only piece that is controlled totally by you. The mirror should be placed at eye level. This is an important for your restroom because your guests will focus on all finer details of the mirror.

Since you were a teenager you have been more than likely using a bathroom vanity mirror to get yourself for school or work. In a public bathroom you will find a mirror over sink so you can check your appearance. There may be a chance that you have been looking at yourself in the mirror since you were an infant and your guests may have also.

Your bathroom design should show everyone that you have some sense of style and can present theme to your guests. It’s a difficult decision to develop a theme similar to the image you are trying to project especially with your guests as they enter and leave your bathroom. The most common designs are plain and simple. These bathrooms are warm pleasant rooms with plenty of personality. You can achieve this feeling by picking out the right style of bathroom vanity with a matching mirror.

To choose the correct bathroom vanity, you want to find the proper sink size and one that coordinates with your theme. When you understand that your sink and mirror should be about the same size so you understand what you are searching for when purchasing a new one. You can go a little larger with a small sink and you can go smaller with a larger sink.

It is to your advantage that the bathroom vanity can be changed because you can put your into this piece. You need to pick out the appropriate size for your bathroom. To balance out your mirror above a large sink, you can add a towel rack on one side and add a potpourri holder on the other. You can match all your accessories with the trim of your vanity mirror.

Before purchasing a bathroom vanity make sure that it fits the theme that you are applying to your bathroom. If you are going for a warm and comfortable feel, you may want to add a wood framed mirror. Or if you are going for a sleek theme, you could add a gold or silver framed vanity mirror.

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