Piano Covers will Protect and Preserve your Piano

Piano Covers will Protect and Preserve your Piano
by Chuck R Stewart

Over the years piano owners have reverted to using many unusual items to cover and protect their valuable investment. Whether the piano is a purchase saved up for and bought by the homeowner, or an heirloom passed down for generations, it should be cared for and stored with the proper piano covering.

In the past, I have noticed lots of things act as piano coverings. Bed sheets, old quilts, plastic and newspapers are among such coverings I have observed in peoples houses. Once, I even saw floor to ceiling drapes coming down from the window and splayed out over the piano in a sorry attempt to protect the homeowners musical instrument. In fact, it is not too uncommon for the beautiful piano (or organ) to look like the unused treadmill in the bedroom, draped with all kinds of clothing, towels and bathrobes. None of these are ideal solutions.

It is imperative for the dormant piano to be sheltered from the damaging effects of the sun. The stained wood piano should not be exposed to continuous, direct sunlight. With continuous exposure, ultraviolet rays can create hairline cracks in the finish or cause fading or darkening. Seldom do homeowners have the extra money to have their windows fitted with a special ultraviolet protective film or glass. An excellent alternative is a professionally constructed piano cover. The piano, whether it is an upright or grand, should be sheltered with a true piano covering made for the precise dimensions of the furniture. This will prolong the beauty and elegance of the piano.

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Another hazard to the piano sitting unused in the house is dust. Besides the unsightliness, dust and dirt gathering on the keys will ultimately cause them to stick and become difficult to play. Dust and grime on the wood or lacquer finish of the piano can be abrasive. Cleaning the instrument with a soft cloth can scratch the finish. The inner workings of the piano can be greatly damage by dust. Dust that accumulates by the tuning pins, the string bearing felts or the dampers will over time be particularly destructiveto the long term health of your piano. qualified piano tuner can be asked, for a nominal fee,to blow the dust from the inner workings of the piano with a bellow. A more economically pleasing choice would be a fitted piano cover. A piano cover is a very good manner in which to protect your piano from the little, dirty fingers of children. Besides keeping it clean and smudge free, a fitted cover will almost guarantee that little fingers do not accidentally get slammed in the hood closing over the keys.

There are several subperb reasons to purchase a professionally manufactured piano or organ cover. Whether the proud piano owner is protecting an investment or an heirloom, saving time and effort cleaning the piano, or using a money saving alternative to professional cleaning and ultraviolet window blocks a piano cover will extend the life of the piano.

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