Publicizing My Sewing Machine Repair Business

by David Trumble

Have you noticed how many business opportunities offer a no selling, no investment, no endless hours of work, no work? Every time I investigate one of these exciting once in a life time get rich quick schemes, I end disappointed, discouraged, and financially closer to being destitute.

The sewing machine repair business is a real doable business, like all real businesses. Success depends on successfully doing three things: Attracting Customers, Satisfying Customers, and Keeping Customers.

For now, consider how you can Attract new customers.

Every business must find|get| attract customers and make sales. Without sales there is no business. This is true no matter what business you consider. Unless you attract customers, you cannot make a sale. Unless you make sales, you cannot get income. Unless you have income, you do not get paid. Unless you get paid you cannot pay your bills. So, finding customers is an essential task for every business. It is also essential for your sewing machine repair business.

So, how do you attract customers? You can advertise your business, or you can get others to advertise your business. First, we will consider effective ways to attract customers by advertising your business.

You can market your business in hundreds of different ways. You can rent billboards. You can send mail directly to hundreds of people as postcards or letters. You can distribute fliers and posters. You can place space ads or classified ads in your local newspaper. You can promote in magazines and bulk advertising programs like ValPak. You can market through telemarketing, radio, TV, internet, and similar media.

Why market your business? Of course, to find new customers. Advertising is the fastest and easiest way to get prospects and make them customers. In just a few days, you can have real customers and be making real dollars.

Unfortunately, advertising does not always work, but it is always expensive. In my Sew And Quilt Stores, we spend approximately $55 for each new customer we attract. That is after being in business for sixteen years. Great care must be taken to control advertising expenses and insure its effectiveness.

What advertising will work for you? You have to decide. Weigh the effectiveness, cost, and potential of each medium. Just because a type of advertising works for someone elses business is no reason to think it will automatically work for yours.

Think about your business. If your business is going to operate out of your home or garage, what advertising do you think will best reach your prospects? If you have a store front, how does this change the dynamics?

If your customers are going to bring sewing machine to your home, how will you get them there?

Space ads are often the first advertizing choice. In a moderate sized town, the ad rates may run $10 a column inch. If you know that a newspaper has twenty large pages, averages 75 advertisers, and that 20,000 papers are distributed. , but in larger cities the same ad might run $75 or more per column inch in a much larger paper with hundreds of advertisers. What are the chances that your small black and white ad will be seen by enough potential buyers to justify the expense? Try to determine exactly how many prospects are going to be reached by your ad. Calculate your investment by your customer reach. Track your results, when you use this medium. Then calculate your investment by your actual customer response. Determine how much each customer in terms of the advertising.

Will classified ads work for you? They certainly less than space ads in the newspaper, but are they hidden away in a special section of the newspaper where the reader must go searching? In most cases, keeping a one column inch classified ad in the local newspaper is far more productive and cost effective than space ads. In every case, track your results.

Have you considered direct mail, direct distribution, or batched advertising? Going directly to people is very powerful. Mailing an attractive postcard can as little as seventy five cents per address. Remember to consider costs for mailing list, piece production, and postage. organizations distribute fliers, door hangers, etc. for local businesses. These too can be very cost effective when properly managed. Sending out your ad with several others in a package like ValPak, can also work.

Generally, I would recommend against high priced media marketing like radio and TV. Control your promotion investments.

Attract new customers by strategically advertising. Be ready to spend a little to make a little. Just make sure every marketing dollar produces real results: new customers, sales, and profit.

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