What You Should Know About Secondhand Cribs Before Buying One

What You Should Know About Secondhand Cribs Before Buying One
by JB Anthony

There are a variety of new crib models to choose from these days. There are still some parents though who choose to go with a secondhand crib. Before you think of doing the same thing, you should take note of a couple of concerns regarding secondhand cribs.

Why Secondhand

Before going into the important points concerning secondhand cribs, it is important to first look into why people pick used cribs in the first place. The first reason is attachment. There are some families out there who simply do not wish to dispose of an antique crib simply because it has been passed down from generation to generation. There is a certain sense of continuity and a link to relatives from the past by using a family crib.

Some parents also choose secondhand cribs because they are cheaper. Parents who have more than one kid, are earning only an average income and who have other expenses to worry about would want to get a bargain on a piece of furniture that a baby will eventually outgrow. Some parents even openly promote the use of secondhand cribs.

The Problem with Secondhand

The first obvious problem with a secondhand crib is its age. Just like everything else, a crib does not last forever. A crib that has been kept for too long may already have defective parts. It could therefore easily collapse, break and injure your baby in some way.

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A second essential concern with used cribs is that they may have been manufactured at a time before government safety standards were put up. New cribs have to be made with specific measurements and designs that are standard compliant. A secondhand crib could therefore have unsafe features such as over high side posts, wide spaces in between slats and head board cut outs.

A third major issue about it is that they could have been manufactured after government standards were set up but they could be recalled models. There are online accounts of parents who buy secondhand cribs and do not know that the model has already been recalled. A recalled model usually has design flaws that could endanger your baby.

Choosing a Secondhand Crib

Of course, there are parents who would still opt for used cribs. If you really insist on getting a used crib then make sure that you pick the right one. Here are some tips on choosing a secondhand crib.

– Be sure that the model has not been recalled. Know the brand and model type and then search online for recall information. – Check all of the crib parts and ask the seller how long the crib has been around. A very old crib is probably not worth the risk. – Order only from a trusted source. Make sure that you know the seller and you are certain that you are not being short changed. There are some parents who think they are buying from a trusted source like neighbors but still suffer from consequences later on. – It would be better if your secondhand crib still has labels and marks that will give information on the manufacturer and will provide relevant warnings. – If you can help it, don’t scrimp. It is still safer to buy a new crib.

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