The Special Coffeehouse Feel

The Special Coffeehouse Feel
by James Gilbert Pynn

For the record, nothing compares to the sleek beauty of a pendant light. An odd statement, you say? Perhaps. But you simply must learn to appreciate the quiet elegance and suggestive tranquility the pendant light conveys. Ever strolled into a Starbucks? What makes their interiors so comfortable, other than the rich wood paneling? The lighting, specifically the pendant lights hanging above the bar.

Before you dust off that toolbox in the shed, it would behoove you to take am moment ” pour a cup of tea ” and consider how pendant lights can accentuate your entire home. There are a number of varieties that can suit you needs. It is crucial you weigh your options and think about their ramifications. Say youre keen on enlivening your bathroom; a pendant light would be best suit over the vanity, on a short cord and with a neutral or white shade. Unless you prefer dark bathrooms, in which case Im not sure what to say.

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In my opinion, these angelic lights are best suited for large, open areas. A vaulted ceiling or high bar are perfect areas as they accentuate the pendant light’s length and targeted scope. Also known as drop lights, pendant lights can be suspended from any surface and can feature any number of suspension materials. Sleek chains, steel fibers, plain cords ” practically anything can be used to suspend these quintessential fixtures.

Aside from the suspension cords, the size of the light is also important. How do I know this? Magic. Consider the area you want lit and then realize you can buy pendant lights in the ubiquitous small, medium, and large sizes. Say youre trying to light up a long hallway. The best solution is a row of medium pendants, evenly spaced. Pull out a pen and do some diagramming. Dont be afraid to jot a few notes.

A common concern for the uninitiated is length. Just how far down does one hang a pendant light, you ask? A good rule of thumb when it comes to hanging a pendant light above a table is to remember they should hang between 28 and 34 inches above the tabletop. Be aware if you hang it too high, itll reduce the perceived size of the room and if you hanging it too low, youre asking for head trauma. Ah, the sweet joy of pendant lighting! Now, run along and get to decorating and creating that special, cozy, coffeehouse experience right in your own home. You do know how to make a latte dont you?

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