Concrete Polishing Advice

Concrete Polishing Advice
by William Borris

I have yet to see someone with no training whatsoever pull off concrete polishing like a pro. Nevertheless, a lot of people have asked me how concrete polishing works, in the hope of learning enough to be able to do it themselves. To these people I would say this; you’re wasting your time. If you want to do some concrete polishing in your home, the best idea is still to hire an experienced contractor to do it for you.

I am more lenient to those who wish to be an expert on polished concrete, though. To these people, I suggest taking three things to heart; you should understand the process, practice what you understood, and have the right tools for the job. These three are all interconnected, and you got to have them to attract potential customers.

First things first: Concrete Polishing is a sequence of diamond tooling using progressively higher grits. You start with a low grit for your coarse grinding, removing the first few fractions of an inch from the surface. Exposing the aggregate increases the beauty of most concrete. Then, you change to progressively higher grit diamonds, moving on from coarse grinding to the actual polishing.

With that in mind, you need to know how to get the right equipment for the job. There are a lot of concrete polishing machinery out there, and you will have to be armed with the information to choose the best one. You also have to watch out what you need to know with regards to the diamond grits. The folks at Concrete Polishing will be able to help you out.

You will also have to practice your craft extensively. Some suggestions that you would hear will either be enrolling in a crash course, or working under an existing enthusiast of concrete polishing for some time. As before, the folks at Concrete Polishing will help out either way.

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