Cut Some Grass And Earn Some Cash This Spring

Cut Some Grass And Earn Some Cash This Spring
by Bobby Rasherly

The economy is just not looking good right now. But that doesn’t mean you should give up and go live in a cardboard box for the next year. On the contrary, in times like this, those who are smart can excel and make money beyond their wildest dreams. Sound funny to you?… …maybe you should take a few tips.

Here are a couple tips for you on getting out and earning a little extra cash to help pay the bills during these tough times.

Cut The Grass, Earn The Cash

Believe it or not, the first day of spring is just a few weeks away, and that means homeowners are thinking about lawn care and gardening. In fact, once the weeds begin to pop up, they will all be going crazy trying to figure out what to do. This is where you can capitalize.

Because we are a little early you can definitely grab some customers before the lawn pros get out. It’s best to make up a few generic fliers and leave them on doors in your neighborhood. The more you leave, the more calls you will get.

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One secret to being efficient is that when you sign up one customer, you go to the neighbors houses and sign them up as well. This helps to make your route closer together, thus saving you time and money. Efficiency is the key to making more money.

If you are wondering how much to charge your customers, you should sit back and think about a few things. First off, how long will it take to cut the lawn based on its size? If it is around one hour of work, then I’d recommend you charge about $20. You will also find that this is about 30% lower than what actual lawn care pros charge. You can rake in the cash and undercut the competition. Think about this: if you have 10 customers, then you are pulling down $200 per week or $800 per month. That’s pretty good!

Finally, you should always be looking to make additional or incremental revenue from your existing customers. What services can you offer them outside of the basic mowing? Can you pull weeds in the flower beds, wash the windows or maybe clean the gutters? You could even pressure wash their home’s siding a couple times per year for additional cash. The idea is to offer top quality service in everything you do and grab as much revenue as possible.

The idea here is to gain a customer base, offer quality service, and then get more from the customers you have by continually delivering good results and reliable timing. If you get started now, you’ll be earning extra cash in no time!

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