Contemporary Art Is SurelySomething To Be Experienced!..

Contemporary Art Is SurelySomething To Be Experienced!..
by Anna Meenaghan

Art presents itself in many shapes and forms today. To me it is always interesting and gratifying to appreciate other peoples art. You dont necessarily have to like it personally to accept the hard work that has gone into it and the thought behind it.

As a contemporary artist myself I find it gives you freedom to express your inner emotions. If I had a bad day it probably reflects in my paintings appearing more dramatic. On the other hand I also find it calming to paint seasoned skies.

Art is a hugely individual subject. A piece of art that is highly acclaimed by one individual may certainly be loathed by another. But to my satisfaction these days there is such an enormous selection of art available that there truly has to be something for everyone. Take the Graffiti scene as an example. One person calls it vandalism and to another it is simply fantastic

You only need to visit the Montmatre area of Paris to experience unconventional forms of art. Pavement artist sketching out their paintings in chalk or art students putting their easels out in the street to earn a little extra money by drawing caricatures. Neither yields a lot of money for the artists, but surely this is talent.

Perhaps a little different are sand sculptures. They are very popular in the Canary Islands and probably in other parts of the world as well. The scenes feature anything imaginable from biblical to dragons which have real fire breathing out of their nostrils. And believe it or not, there is another form of art that a great many of us have at home or in our gardens. Mosaics – on plant pots, walls, floors and so onPaper Mache Arts Crafts.

Posters – somebody has to design them so they are thought provoking and catch the eye. This is a great challenge for children too, who are encouraged to do posters for any number of things from road safety to recycling the environment. I love to see what sense can be made of driftwood collected along the beach. I think a special type of person is needed to do this with a very good imagination and creativity.

Paperweights are an every day object which no one spends to much time thinking about. Yet they too can be wonderful subjects of art. When one takes a few collected pebbles, cleans, paints and varnishes them they certainly take on a life of their own. And of course the simple collecting of them, feeling the texture of the rock in your hand, includes superb satisfaction to many of us.

Designing and making your own cards not only brings pleasure to many, but also brings individuality to the recipient. Papermache is another form of art I have never tried, but I really like the results that people manage to achieve. Decoupage in this day and age seems to be very popular, along with scrapbooking, felting, patch working and needlepoint.

With so many different forms of art surrounding us there surely has to be something for anyone. And if you really want to get involved and learn more then there are a great many workshops that are being run in art stores or at schools. The satisfaction and enormous joy that art can bring to people is something that can never be measured, at least not in monetary terms – thank God for that.

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