Finding a Reliable Tradesman

by Tal Potishman

Every home owner in the United Kingdom knows that there will come a time when he or she will need to hire a . Perhaps he will need a to fix his roof. Maybe she will need a to repair her . Tradesmen are always in high demand and it is important that home owners understand how to hire a tradesman.

Hiring a Tradesman who is reliable is important. If you hire a Tradesman who is unreliable you will run the risk of paying far too much money for work that isn’t up to code or that will need a large number of repairs. Understanding that a Tradesman must be reliable is one thing. Understanding how to tell the difference between a Tradesman who is reliable and a Tradesman who is not reliable is also very important.

When searching for a reliable tradesman here are some things a home owner should look into before signing any contracts:

*References: There are two main methods of obtaining a Tradesman’s references. The easiest and most obvious method is to simply ask the Tradesman for a list of references that you can contact. If a Tradesman is reliable and does good work, he or she will be able to provide you with a list of people that you can ask for more information and recommendations.

The other way to get references for a Tradesman is to simply ask your neighbours and your friends to find out who they (or someone they know) have used in the past. You should make sure to ask whether or not the reference would hire the person again (and why or why not).

*Professional Organizations: Is the tradesman being considered a member of any professional organizations? Check into the local business bureau to find out what the tradesman’s ratings are and whether any formal complaints have been lodged against him/her.

Many Tradespeople are required to obtain specific certifications and join certain organisations. Check into the trade itself to find out which registrations and certifications are required in your area. Make sure the Tradesman you are considering meets all of the requirements.

*Work History/Qualifications: It is perfectly acceptable to ask each tradesperson up for hire for a work history and a list of qualifications and training certificates acquired. If the list is short, look at how far back it goes.

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