Indoor Gardening Benefits

Indoor Gardening Benefits
by Thomas Fryd

When you are living in the center of an Amazonian jungle, the last thing recommended would be to attempt to do indoor gardening. Why would you think of trying to compete with the beauty of mother nature and come out the loser. If like the majority of the population in the western world, you do not live at the basin of a rain forest, then something worth looking into is indoor gardening. As a substitute for your own personal jungle.

Why should one consider an indoor garden versus an outdoor one? The reasons are fairly simple, you do not need to get all dirty down on your hands and knees in the dirt. You will never have to brave the elements that will do its best to compete with you. It will improve the appearance of your home and make you feel better in turn. Ultimately, in the larger scheme of things it is great for you.

It may be hard to imagine how indoor gardening can be good for you. However, it does not have anything to actually do with the garden, but more with the plants. If you think back to your high school days and pressure from peers, you may remember distantly hearing something in science class about plants and a word called photo-something.

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To give your brain a refresher crash course, it is a process called photosynthesis, when plants clean the air of carbon dioxide and in turn release fresh air filled with oxygen into the environment. If you are living in the jungle, there is not much of an issue with that, however, most people live in small homes, so plants are the logical solution. Hence, indoor gardening.

When you begin planting your own personal rainforest, you can substitute indoor gardening, you have a wide array of exotic plant options to select from – from tropical foliage plants to guzmania plants. The plants that an outdoor garden would not be privy to using. There is a long list of plants right now, but if one is interested, then a trip to the local plant nursery is in order.

You will get a better idea of what kinds of plants that are available for you to choose from and what types should be avoided. They just will not properly grow indoors. You will also find that with indoor gardening, there are certain types of plants can be temperamental and will not grow any place indoors. A simple place to begin would be to try your luck at gardening. Simple to grow plant varieties that are useful in the kitchen and not the stubborn varieties.

Gardening, of any type, does not get any more spectacular than indoor gardening, especially for the non-outdoor inclined person who does not want to be exposed to worms or bugs. Any type of crawling insect that resides in your outdoor garden, will not be found in the indoor variety. The perks of indoor garden are unlimited!

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