Fixing A Rattling Door

A rattling door caused by traffic vibrations or a draught is often a case of much irritation in the home, but is often easily fixed with the correct know how. In this guide you will find out how to fix a rattling door in your home or place of work.

A rattling door is usually an indication that the timber has shrunk and no longer butts tightly against the door stop. This is usually due to either damp or cold. However often if old enough a door start to rattle just because it is old.

If the gap is fairly small, you may be able to solve the problem simply by sticking a length of self-adhesive draught proofing strip between door and stop. This is of course the easiest fix.

However, if this is not successful, you will need to move the striker plate of the door catch or lock in towards the door stop. This should hold the door shut tightly against the stop. This is no doubt the better fix to the solution as you won’t need to leave the unsightly draught strips around the door frames.

Before you with the rattle, it’s worth remembering that even a badly fitting door will not rattle unless something is making it move; so if you are not aware of any external vibration such as that caused by trains check for draughts. These can usually be found coming from places like air vents or air bricks, window frames or even your attic.

Once you checked to find the source of the draught or vibrations investigate whether it’s cheaper or easier to fix at the source.

If you do decide to fix the door, you will need to gather up a few tools first. You will need a screw driver, a small sharp chisel, wood filler and some glass paper. I also wear work wear too to avoid dirtying my clothing.

1. Begin by marking where the door meets the frame when the door is closed normally, with the catch in its correct position. Then hold the catch in and push the door hard against the stop. Mark where it meets the frame now.

2. Unscrew the striker plate from the door stop and move it in by the same amount as the distance between the two marks.

3. Drill a hole for the bolt of the catch or lock. Then hold the striker plate over it and mark around with a sharp knife.

4. Out the wood inside this line to a shallow depth using a sharp chisel so that you form a new rebate for the striker plate.

5. Screw the plate in position and fill in the old rebate with wood filler.

6. Once the wood filler has dried any excess can be removed and cleaned up with the glass paper.

Once this has been completed you should be free of any annoying rattles that your door gives off, leaving you to enjoy reading the paper, rattle free.

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