Valued Crafts at Connecticut Craft Shows

Valued Crafts at Connecticut Craft Shows
by Mariano Dela Vega

Connecticut is also known as the Constitution State because it is a place vibrant with American history. A paragon of Democracy, its first Constitution is recognized as the first ever written form of Rule by the People. Wherever you go in Connecticut, you can be sure to bump into a bit of history.

Another aspect of a state with such a storied history is its enduring crafts. Many craftspeople lived in Connecticut over the centuries, and their works live on as treasured antiques. In due time, your own crafts may become as treasured as well.

It is a testament to a person’s credentials that crafted works such as these are maintained. An object that you’ve created with your own hands and will surpass your lifespan is a sort of immortality and it stands as a monument to you after you’ve gone.

These matters are sadly beyond our grasp, though. We will never know how long our craft will truly last, and making it durable is the best we can do. In this way, the piece will stand up to the test of time, and in the future, people may consider your pieces valuable.

But right now, it is enought that artisans go forth and continue crafting these pieces the best way they know how. It’s a good idea to spread these items into a greater area, and not keep them stowed away in attics. It is just a waste of artistry; crafts should be appreciated rather than kept away in storage.

For this, we find good enough reason to share our crafts at various craft shows. Nothing is more satisfying than to see the personally made pieces being appreciated by other people. So, go on! Search online for sites on craft shows and spread your crafts all over the state. Your works may live on for decades.

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