Choosing a Beautiful Heirloom Plant for Your Window

Choosing a Beautiful Heirloom Plant for Your Window
by Thomas Fryd

Gardening has long been an enjoyable, not to mention rewarding, hobby. Many wonderful heirloom plants have been around for centuries, and they should not be overlooked when planning your garden.

While the Victorians who created these heirloom species filled huge gardens with wonderful exotic plants, many of todays gardeners are working with a more limited space. Luckily, there are many varieties of heirloom plants, and many can fit on just a window sill. You can grow heirloom plants no matter the size of your garden.

If you want to try your hand at growing an heirloom species, consider the Boston fern. It is an evergreen plant that can be grown in a window garden. Youll need a window that receives some light, but no direct sunlight. Then youll need a sturdy plant hook, a hanging pot for your fern, and some potting soil. Just transfer your Boston fern to the hanging pot, and fill in the remaining space with potting soil. Firm the soil around your new plant, and water it. Then install the plant hook, and hang your new plant. To care for your Boston fern, water it when the soil is dry, and rotate it occasionally so that it grows evenly.

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However, Boston ferns can shed leaves. If you dont want to clean up their leaves, consider another popular heirloom variety, the spider plant. These hardy plants come in a range of shades of green. Baby plants will grow on runners; you can either remove them or let them grow. Like the Boston fern, you should transplant your spider plant to a hanging pot.

Another classic plant to try is the cactus. They come in many fascinating shapes and sizes, and a group of cactus plants will easily catch your eye. You can repot your group of cactus plants into one long rectangular planter, and then set this planter on your windowsill. To help your new cactus plants thrive, buy a potting mix that is specially made for cactus plants. Unlike most other plants, cactus plants should not be watered frequently. In fact, over-watering can easily kill your cactus. Of course, this is good news for gardeners who dont want a high-maintenance plant.

Simple african violetflowers can be another beautiful heirloom plant for your window. The leaves are velvety and dark, and a group of small flowers grows n the center. There are various african violets care guide that can provide you with information on many different varieties of the classic African violet, which you can group on your windowsill to create a varied flower garden.

Outside your window, try growing geraniums in a window box. Although geraniums are sold as an annual, they will last through the winter if grown indoors. Bright red geraniums will make a beautiful and cheery addition to your container garden. Heirloom plants are classics that will never go out of style. Even if you dont have a lot of space, there are still heirloom plants that you can grow on your windowsill.

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