It’s a HAZMAT World

by James Gilbert Pynn

Whatever the case, nothing offers more protection than full- respirators. Judging by your stunned look, I imagine that’s an odd leading sentence, but so be it. Whether it’s after holiday dinner or a chemical or biological outbreak (which, I contend, would still qualify as), a full-face respirator could be the difference between staying healthy and getting extremely sick or nauseous.

Does your teacher hardly hear a word you’re saying? Is he or she drifting off the subject and ? It may be the years of breathing in . Yes, that’s right: exposure to art materials (like ) leads to serious health affects, like tinnitus. You know, the condition made popular by Pete Townsend (poor sap). It’s that persistent ringing in the ears. Van Gogh suffered from it. Maybe thats what prompted the whole ear-cutting thing. Or it could’ve been a girl thing.

If you or a loved one should run the risk of breathing in hazardous fumes, it’s time for a respirator. Risk of hazardous fumes, aren’t we all at risk? Especially those of us who have the misfortune of living in Los Angeles? Indeed. I say wear one everywhere. the new LA trend and cover your face with a full-face respirator. It makes the perfect red carpet accessory.

When it comes to types of respirators, there are usually two to choose from: supplied air and powered air. Supplied use filters that cleanse the air as you breathe in. Think of it as a for your lungs. These can be full-faced or partial units. They are quite effective, but not as impressive or cumbersome as the powered air respirators. These bad boys use motorized pumps to draw the air in, filter it, and then make it available or breathing. Think scuba divers, firemen, and high-altitude, low insertion paratroopers. Dude, those guys are bad.

Avoid potentially hazardous situations by strapping one of these bad mommas to your face. Your whole face! Often particles of hazardous materials or pathogens can easily enter your blood stream through your eyes or ears or pores or whatever. For that matter, you’d be better ff wearing a suit at all times — even in the shower. I kid, but the realities of potential hazards go far beyond Bo and Luke Duke. That was reaching, I know, but do yourself a favor and at least have a few full-face respirators on hand for whatever.

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