Corgi Steps Down while Capita Steps Up

by Tal Potishman

The Corgi certificate, something United Kingdom residents have come to associate as a “certificate of approval” for a gas plumber is going to be changing hands. Over the next few months, gas certificates will start to be issued and monitored by the Capita Company and will no longer be the of the Corgi Company.

For almost twenty years, Corgi has been in charge of making sure that homes meet gas safety standards. In April of 9, the Capita Company will take over for the Corgi Company as the official gas safety protocol company for the Health and Safety Executive office.

The every day operations of the gas plumbing industry will stay the same as they were before Capita took charge. Each company has issued statements that they will try to make sure that business carries on as it always has for Corgi employees once the March 31st deadline passes. Capita will be in charge on April 1, 2009. So far there is no information about the exact transformation process or how natural gas consumers will be . That said, both Capita and Corgi are doing all that they can to ensure that the transition process will be as smooth as possible.

If you have natural gas, you do not have to worry about whether or not you will be protected once Corgi officially steps down and Capita steps up. It has been made apparent by the Health and Safety Executive office that Capita’s takeover is largely because the company proved that it was more than ready to ensure that consumers of natural gas would be well educated about the concerns involved with their consumption of natural gas.

In 200 a survey done of United Kingdom homeowners proved that the homeowners who employed Corgi professionals were not made aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide or the other dangers of using natural gas and Corgi’s contract was put up for bid. When it comes to getting an education in natural gas consumption, customers will be grateful to have Capita step in and take over.

Corgi will be responsible for gas regulations and certifications and the regulations for both will not change until March 31st 2009. Capita will step in on April 1st 2009 and be in charge of the United Kingdom’s natural gas plumbers and inspectors.

Capita is expected to hire 250 Corgi employees to ensure that the change is smooth, but both companies agreed that rather than a murky transition season, the change would involve definitive dates of operation in place. After April 1st, gas plumbers will need to comply with regulations set forth by Capita Company. The change for Consumers is expected to be minimal.

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