Beautify Your Home With House Plants

Beautify Your Home With House Plants
by Keith Markensen

When you add new plants to your home, you add and improve the appearance to the interior with color and liveliness. Many plants help scrub the air while providing the benefit of a living organism to your home. The appearance of a healthy, thriving plants gives people a boost that few other things can.

Taking care of house plants does not need to be a large burden. You can choose types of plants that require little to not much care at all, just a bit of water and pruning from time to time. Many do not need to be fertilized at all and will be just fine in any type of lighting you may have.

Growth rates will vary among the different plant species and you can select one that will change weekly or pick a plant that takes a while to grow and reach maturity. If you desire rapid growth, be ready to repot plants often. Some types of plants can thrive to the point of splitting a pot. While others may remain relatively unchanged for a number of years, making them a stable focal point in your home.

You also have the option of plants that will flourish at different times of the year or different seasons. Some flowering plants will grow blossoms by the end of the winter, while others only in late summer. There are many varieties in between, so you can add one that will provide you with color for months on end.

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There is a large range of exotic plants to peruse and choose from as well. Carnivorous plants will require more care, but they are well liked for their beauty and have a profound difference from their more boring cousins. Its also the ideal way to clean the air and get rid of pesky flying insects that always find their way inside.

There is always going to be work involved when caring for a house plant.

Many types of plants are disease and insect resistant, though nearly all will suffer from some sort issue. Spider mites, aphids, and other problems can be easily taken care of by a simple brushing or using an insecticide.

Inadequate watering will kill many plants, more so than pests, however, over watering is one of the most common problems for a budding indoor gardener. The surface of the dirt appears dry, so the most common reaction is to make sure the plant is well watered. However, in the eagerness to do good, we most likely do more wrong. Find out how much water the plant needs and monitor it carefully, and you will eliminate the problems.

Once you have mastered the plant care basics, most indoor enthusiasts will want to begin the next step of planting seeds or doing cuttings. Just one step beyond is the skills necessary to properly repot, growing your houseplant or outdoor plant from scratch can be extremely rewarding.

Choosing the right kind of cuttings or getting quality seeds will get you started. Apply the proper fertilizer at the correct time will allow the new plants the best chance for survival. Make sure the plant has ample lighting and nature should do the rest.

We all know houseplants make the home beautiful and the feeling of life that will enhance any home. Investing a bit of time and learning how to take care of your plants will result in them rewarding you for many years to come.

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