Best Mid-Level Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Best Mid-Level Shiatsu Massage Chairs
by James Knolan

We are always searching for the best massage chairs on the market today. But it is not always practical to get a top of the line luxury massage chair. There are many solid and effective mid level massage chairs that will give you years of enjoyment at a much lower cost. We have assembled our list of the best of the best massage chairs in the mid level market.

Based on our testing and many of our customer’s recommendations, we have assembled the list of the top three mid level massage chairs available today. These massage chairs not only deliver value, but also awesome massage therapy. We also will point out their warranty coverage so you get a complete snapshot of each of the massage chairs.

The best of the best come from the best manufacturers of massage chairs. Not too much of a surprise here. They are Omega, Panasonic and Sanyo. These companies design effective and comprehensive massage chairs that deliver excellent massage therapy. Each company adds its special touches whether it is stylish design, electronic features or new massage techniques. The massage chairs are backed by solid warranties and reputations of these suppliers. Let’s look at the top models, starting with the best one.

Omega OM-510 Prestigio: The Prestigio mean Prestige in Italian. The design is certainly racy like many Italian designed products. The Prestigio is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and the most beautiful massage chair available. The Prestigio also packs a punch on the massage treatment side by providing a deeply penetrating massage therapy. It is particularly effective in reaching the lumbar area than any chair we have tried.

The OM-510 Prestigio is equipped with an air compression massage system. You get thorough coverage of the feet, calves, thighs and buttocks. If you enjoy a great foot massage, then the OM-510 is a home run with its reflexology massage for the feet. Omega backs the Prestigio with the following warranty coverage: 5 years on the frame; 3 years for parts; 3 years for labor; and 90 days in home repair. This is an amazing value to boot!

Smart Home Technology

Sanyo SA 5000: The SA 5000 comes with some unique technology only available from Sanyo. The GK roller system literally can reach out and grab you. In fact, one manual massage treatment is called Grip which is exactly what it does. The Gripping action provides thorough relief to tightness in the shoulder and neck area.

Now, Sanyo packs this unit with some advanced electronics to compliment and heighten your massage therapy experience. Check out the stiffness sensor which can detect tension in your muscle and then it goes and targets it for you. How about the physical shape sensor that tracks your body position in the chair? When you move, the physical shape sensor automatically adjusts the massage to your new position. The SA 5000 comes with the following warranty: Roller mechanism for 3 years, parts for 1 year, labor for 1 year, and in home technician service for 1 year. The Sanyo has solid massage therapy with advanced electronics for a spectacular massage.

Panasonic EP30003: The EP 30003 is part of the Real Pro Elite series of massage chairs from Panasonic. The EP-30003 comes with a new massage technique which is ultra fine kneading or Junetsu. Junetsu uses small circular motions and reverberates through the muscle to the bones to provide deep tissue relief. This is an effective massage therapy.

Need a good stretch? The EP-30003 comes with a lower body stretching function. The leg rest will hold your feet, raise and then lower slowly to stretch the leg muscles. This is a great way to improve your range of motion and to increase your flexibility. This can be activated at any time during the massage and is integrated seamlessly into the program. The EP-30003 comes with the following warranty coverage: 3 years for parts, 1 year for labor, 1 year for in home technician service. The EP-30003 is the first in the new Real Pro Ultra series by Panasonic.

These are the best of the best in the mid market for massage chairs. These chairs excel at providing comprehensive and thorough massage therapy. They have exciting extras whether it is stylish designs, new massage techniques or advanced electronics. You get solid warranty coverage for years of excellent massage therapy. These are the best massage chairs in the mid level market.

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