What To Do To Have A Safe Home

What To Do To Have A Safe Home
by Robert Johnson

Everyone loves being at home and a home should be considered your personal sanctuary. Make sure the home is the safest place, for you, your family and loved ones. You don’t want to allow chaos from the outside world in, so make sure you set your home up to be safe.

The only things up to chance. Take the necessary precautions to make sure that you don’t invite disaster. The first thing you should do about home safety is think about how a burglar would look at your own home. If you can identify any strengths and weaknesses that exists, take action to avoid someone taking advantage of them.

Starting off lets take a look at the windows. Are the windows old and easy to get into? Would they be easy to break or pry open? If they are, then it might make a good idea to replace the Windows or get new locking mechanisms. Again, don’t leave it to chance.

Thieves can see window locks from the outside; they are less likely to target a house with window locks as it adds up to more work and to potentially higher risk of exposure, as they would have to break the glass to get in. Many home security stores or even hardware and home improvement shops offer inexpensive locks that fit most types of windows. These usually come with keys that should be stored away in a safe place. You should lock up all downstairs windows and windows that may be easy to reach. Even smaller skylights may be vulnerable, so lock them up.

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Let’s take a look at doors. Over half of all break-ins originate at an unsecured door. Preventing this requires good locks. You should get deadbolts loss with at least 1 inch of throw to be installed on all of your doors. The strike plates should have screws and a minimum of 3 inches. Exterior doors should all be made of solid hardwood or metal. Reinforcing of the doors with a steel strip and plates will also add to better security.

When it comes to hinges, they should be located on the inside with nonremovable pins. You can also install a rim lock to the inside of the door. This will add to the security. What a rim lock does is automatically lock the door once it is closed. For all all leading doors, consider a bolts for the top and bottom of the door. Make sure you have a door viewer on all outward doors. This way you can see out before you open the door.

Don’t leave yourself open to making it easy for a thief. Do not leave spare keys in obvious places. Remember, you may think you’re being clever but a thief knows all the secret hiding places. If you do hide keys, change the location every month. Don’t hide keys near windows, doors, under the doormat, or in a flower pot.

Lighting is very important to safety also. All well lit entrance will deter potential thieves. You can find many good security lighting systems at home improvement stores. They don’t take a lot of power, and are very economical. Get a set that is not easy to be detected or disconnected.

Consider a home security system. Home alarms are high tech and easy to use. A home alarm system will give you peace of mind. Remember, precaution is best. Take these measurements to keep your home safe.

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