Replacing Your Own Garage Door

by Jack Blacksmith

Garage doors don’t last forever, they always need replacing. At some time your garage door will break and need replacing. This isn’t actually all bad, newer garage doors have many new features which were not present on older models.

Modern garage doors contain insulation which should mean you save money on heating your home. Not this, but it is worthwhile noting that this insulation will also provide some valuable sound proofing. If your son takes up drumming then you will greatly appreciate this sound insulation! Garage doors are also quite secure compared to how they used to be, this is very good as after all a garage door is a way into your home. Your garage is also a place to store many valuable items other than just your car. Newer garage doors also need very little maintenance which is exactly what people want! Garage doors can also be found online, often at sites that sell hardware, home furnishings (discount paint, shower curtains, etc.), or lumber.

Wood used to be a very popular material to for garage doors, however now fiberglass and steel are now much more popular choices. These are much more durable and do not have the problems associated with swelling. These materials are available in a number of different colors and do not require much maintenance. Newer models are made from tongue and groove, this protects your garage from the elements and keeps it secure.

If you want to get natural light into your garage, but don’t want to compromise your security features then you could consider some of the newer doors which have high strength plastic windows. This means you can get some much needed light into your garage without having to the security of your car.

There have certainly been some fantastic improvements in the technology used to create garage doors. However installing them by yourself can be very difficult, if not impossible. These doors are very large and quite heavy. If you are not experienced you could have major problems installing these. If the door should fall then it could cause you some serious injuries. You should never replace a garage door or attempt any servicing on one without any assistance. Minor servicing such as oiling the wheels and tracks can be done by yourself though. It’s best to hire a professional to help you out.

If you really do want to install the door by yourself then you need to ask for some help from someone! Anybody will do which can hold a few things while you are installing the door. Make sure you start with the weatherproofing so that you are making a very functional and safe room.

You will either need to rent or buy some specialist tools such as a spring tensioning tool. You need high quality equipment as these springs are held so tightly they can kill people if not handled with the care that they deserve.

Of course you can change your garage door by yourself, you can do lots of things yourself however that doesn’t mean that you should! There are some seriously dangerous parts of this project which may convince you to hire a professional.

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