The Best Christian Crafts

The Best Christian Crafts
by Charlie Reese

Nearly every Christian I know puts a big emphasis on teaching their children the gospel, but the vast majority of them do not fully realize that this teaching doesn’t necessarily have to end when Sunday school gets out at the end of the day. Christian crafts are a great way to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the everyday life of your kids.

Children love making crafts, so by incorporating crafts with Christian themes into their after school activities, you can continue the Bible lessons while giving them something fun to do. The kids will love it, and it will deepen their relationship with God.

There are all sorts of Christian childrens crafts out there, and there are many that you can make yourself. One of the easiest ones is to simply have your children write a poem about Jesus. From a very young age, children start understanding the basics of religion and, even if they can’t grasp all the subtleties, they can grasp that a personal relationship is possible between a believer and Christ. Christian crafts give them a way to express this relationship and turn it into an artful decoration.


First, have them each write a short passage or poem about what Jesus means to them. Then allow them to decorate the page with drawings, sparkles, are anything else they want. Hang up their poems on the wall and praise their creativity.

Of course, for older children, Christian crafts can get much more complex. A lot of Christian families out there like to make ornamental crosses with their kids. There are dozens of different ways to do this. One of the easiest ones is to use Fimo dough.

By rolling this material into different patterns, you can come up with very beautiful combinations of colors and textures. You can make crosses out of these patterned chunks of clay and then bake them in the toaster oven. Then you have decorative crosses to turn into necklaces or just hang on the wall in the house.

Then again, sometimes it is nice to have more professionally made crafts for Christians. There are many Christian craft catalogs Out there selling a wide variety of decorations. Some of them incorporate Christian artifacts such as water from the holy land taken out of the Jordan River by pilgrims. Others use more locally made materials. No matter what sort of decorative craft you are looking for, you can find one with a Christian theme.

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