Choosing a scanner for the home or home office.

Choosing a scanner for the home or home office.
by Douglas Bakke

Computer are a core part of any SOHO office computer equipment because it is increasingly critical that we have the ability to digitize work products, not to mention photographs and other treasures. There are other practical uses as well, a scanner allows you an efficient way to archive news and magazine articles. Today, your don’t need a physical fax machine to send a fax any longer, and a scanner allows you to convert documents into a digital format that allows you to send a fax. Scanners are cheap, you can pick up a basic one as low as $50.

To choose a scanner, consider the tasks that you want to complete. Then purchase a scanner that meets those needs. For most home or small office purposes, all scanners today are good enough to handle documents and photographs with excellent clarity.

Scanners, whether they are flatbed, multi-purpose, or photo scanners, are all easy to install. Most auto-install simply by inserting an installation disk and following the onscreen prompts. Typically it will install some software and then prompt you to plug in the scanner. It just can’t get much more simple than that.

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Compatibility used to be an issue, however, increasingly, you can find scanners that work with both the Mac and the PC. The three top manufactureres of scanners today are HP, Epson, and Cannon. There are lots of different types to choose from, so choose a scanner that meets your needs and functionality. The All-In-One scanner is becomoing more popular now, combining a printer, a scanner, and a fax. HP makes a popular line of all-in-one multi-function devices such as the Photosmart at around $120. It is an excellent scanner to send off to college with your college student.

You can check out the features and styles of different scanners at any online retailer. If you have already got a printer, you should definately consider a Cannon CanoScan Flatbed Scanner which is extremely fast and has QARE technology that helps reduce dust and scratch impacts on images and automatically corrects fading and bad lighting. It’s an intuitive machine that is cheap, usually under $50.

If you are into photographs, then you really should check out the Epson line of Scanners. Their Perfection Photo Flatbed line of scanners are a little more professional but also a litle more expensive, typically around $179. Their Digital ICE software technology allows you to scan slides at high resolution converting your old slide collection into digital images. It is a good quality scanner. So consider what you want to do with a scanner and make your choice according.

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